Saturday, 3 March 2012


So if your reading this blog I think you might want to know what it going to be about, but I am sure you have some kind of idea by my name.

But, before I tell you what this blog is going to be about I think I should tell you a little bit about me.

Well I am typically not the average six-teen year old, I don't care for what others think about me I am the type of person that would rather be doing something for themselves and not doing something to make others happy. I like ALL TYPES of rock music mainly the stuff from the 80's cause i just like the style better but I still listen to newer music like D.R.U.G.S, Falling in Reverse (has anyone else noticed that this could just be standing up?), Hollywood Undead, Three Days Grace, and I think you get it.

I tend to ramble on about things so you should most likely try to get used to it.

I love hockey and almost any other sport, well not basketball (I don't mean any harm to those who like it I just don't find it interesting). BUT most of all I love to read, thanks to one of my amazing friends.

Now that you know about me how about I talk about what this blog will be about. I think that sounds good.

It would mostly be about books, mostly YA books, and anything supernatural. But that's not all  it will most likely be about music and my sports rambling ( I am warning you now I am a  HUGE hockey fan )

And that is it for my first post :)

                      -Supernatural Shadow


  1. KIRYN <3

    Sonia's gotten to both of us, hasn't she? Anyways, I'm excited to see this. I want to see what you have to say about the music. (Falling in reverse IS standing up!)

    Anyways, can't wait to read more.

    - May :)

  2. MAY <3

    I am not sure but I am following both of you. I should have one up soon but that might be about hockey or a book but i do intend on doing a review on music soon feel free to give me any suggestions to music you like. :)

    - Kiryn