Sunday, 4 March 2012


Okay so my first official blog post (or as i like to call it rant session) is going to be about last nights hockey game, between the Toronto Maple Leafs <3 and the Montreal Canadians.

Well what can I say I am absolutely over the moon about the out come (can you guess what team I cheer for?)

The game might have started off in Montreal's favor with the first goal coming from Erick Cole (#23), seven minutes into the game's first period. But we got our redemption in the second period when Matt Frattin (#6) scored six and a half minutes into it.

But I believe that the real highlight was when Mikhail Grabovski (#19) got two goals in the last period, which brought home the victory.

Now, to be completely honest on the past Thursday I spent my entire lunch reading the news for any indication that Brian Burke was going to fire our beloved (well not so much loved) Ron Wilson, I believe that mine and many other leaf fans hopes were answered, on Friday night when it was announced that Randy Carlyle's was replacing him.

This is what brought us to last night our second win in the past twelve games.

When Burke and Carlyle were brought together in 2007 they took their team to win the Stanley Cup and I believe that we will at least make it into the playoffs after our seven seasons without making it it.

I am not too sure if we will win, because I think that the boys need a little bit more experience, but I do believe that they will make it to the playoff''s I don't know how far they will get, or even if anyone is behind me but I am pretty sure that they will do better then the 2010-2011 season.

              - Supernatural Shadow


  1. Okay, not going to lie, I kind of skimmed over while my brain was like, "HOCKEY. HOCKEY. HOCKEY." Then I came to the end.

    HI KIRYN! :D I can't believe you started a blog. You AND May? So craaaaaaazyyyyy! Man, I can't wait to see your posts about things that I can actually like contribute to LOL.

    Welcome to the blogosphere! <3


  2. I thought you might be like that but dont worry i am working on something i think you might just like