Saturday, 21 April 2012

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Publisher: Egmont USA
Format: Hardcover, 386 pages
Release Date: February 28, 2012

 Love The Hunger Games?  Action-adventure thrillers with a dystopian twist? BZRK (Berserk) by Michael Grant, New York Times best-selling author of the GONE series, ramps up the action and suspense to a whole new level of excitement.
Set in the near future, BZRK is the story of a war for control of the human mind.  Charles and Benjamin Armstrong, conjoined twins and owners of the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation, have a goal:  to turn the world into their vision of utopia.  No wars, no conflict, no hunger.  And no free will.  Opposing them is a guerrilla group of teens, code name BZRK, who are fighting to protect the right to be messed up, to be human.  This is no ordinary war, though.  Weapons are deployed on the nano-level. The battleground is the human brain.  And there are no stalemates here:  It's victory . . . or madness.
unfolds with hurricane force around core themes of conspiracy and mystery, insanity and changing realities, engagement and empowerment, and the larger impact of personal choice. Which side would you choose?  How far would you go to win? 

When I first heard about this book i wasn't really sure how it was going to turn out, sure it peaked my interest, but I wasn't sure how I would like the book overall.

But then I started to read the book and I fell in love with it.

The book is filled with action (which I think is a good thing), but its not like normal action books or movies.

It is on a microscopic level , which makes it so much better. The book give you an idea of what life might be like if we watched everything from under a telescope.

Like in the book it said that lips look like wax, its that not cool, and kind of freaky, I would have thought that it looked like, well actually I don`t.

This is a book that I would recommend to ANYONE. It is action packed, filled with adventure, and there is even a little bit of romance.

I rate BZRK 4.5 out of 5 stars 


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